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So here the result would be incremented by the value 1 but no matter how many times the button is clicked the result will be 1 only because due to the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol it is not retaining the value between post-back or client server requests.

Here the state management techniques are relevant since they provide a way to remember/retain values between client calls to the server. Client-side State Management: We can see a number of ways of doing state management as listed above.

Then the web form object is immediately destroyed, meaning that the web form with their control is immediately something after rendering.

Sample Code: Explanation: When the application URL is requested it will “get request” and it will check on page load event and sets the text box to the value 0.

It generates code that handles a range of common requirements and scenarios, such as the following: For Views, choose the view engine you want to use, or choose None if you don't want to scaffold any views.