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If you intend to accept Am EX cards, Uni Credit Bank will analyze your request along with their partner.All necessary details will be established with your company’s Relationship Manager.Debit Cards The debit cards offered by Uni Credit Bank are: Visa Business Electron, Visa Business Electron Co-branded Metro, Visa Business Silver, Visa Business Gold, Master Card Business Gold, all of which are CHIP cards that provide cardholders with increased protection.

Master Card Corporate Credit Card is a Premium card linked to a company credit account in lei or euros.

It has a grace period for up to 45 days that's applied to all transactions performed at Merchants (POS/Imprinter/Internet), and are reimbursed in full at the payment due date or according to the minimum reimbursement amount mentioned in the Activity Report.

Cash Back service at POS This service allows your clients to withdraw cash from the POS, up to 150 lei/ transaction, when they pay with their Visa or Master Card card in your store.

The cash dispensed amount is automatically deducted from the cardholder's account and is credited in your company’s account at no additional fee.

As part of the agreement, Uni Credit will receive new shares issued by ABHH, giving it 9.9 percent of the investment company.