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When you take several pictures in a row and they all look about the same, you can be sure that these are photographic effects.Such a thing never happens with orbs and you will never get the same picture twice.The orbs had shown themselves in ever-increasing numbers and in ever-growing variety. First there were the multi-coloured ones and the opaque, white traditional orbs.

The Whistler is a very fast rope with a great weighted feel in the tip which allows for a snappy, accurate delivery.

It's a long lasting rope that works well for me in the cold Montana winters and the hot Montana summers.

Some blame the appearances on malfunctions of the camera, or on photographing into the light.

Indeed, you can get wonderful pictures when photographing into the light, but they are not orbs and it is easy to check.

When I took pictures of a friend, the camera did not focus on her but on the orbs.