Rowupdating event in gridview in asp net

I don't want to show the edit label also I don't want to click on this edit In windows application programming it is possible ..

when I select from list, I want to set another check box column in gridview to true. Net way - If using Bound Field Columns Adding Rows in Grid View with Edit, Update and Delete Functionality - If using Template Field Columns Editing is only fired when you click an Edit button on a row - it occurs before the row goes in to edit mode.

Which "list" are you referring to when you say "select from list"? New Edit Index]; Check Box chk2 = (Check Box)Grid Row. Check weather Data Key fields is necessary for datagrid.. perhaps you were looking for this: NETvinz/archive/2009/06/04/ NETvinz/archive/2009/08/02/Hi Vinz, Where would I set the Edit Index ? But when I set Auto Generate Edit Button to True, and edit link link button is shown in gridview ..

when I update the record It performs updation on the above row instead of desired row.

I have a problem, with Grid View and Template Fields.

So far so good, this all works, the grid is displayed, the Drop Down List appears, filled with the correct data, shows the correct initial item and lets the user select another. The when trying to get the value from the Drop Down List in the Row Updating event, I cant find it. I create a Recursive Find Control method that ran through every control on the page, and it cant find it.