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Anyone noticing a difference in online popularity as you get older?

I received message from prime dating service for friendship and dating i was interested in friendship i enquired about there services first i spoke to priya she told me you have to pay 3500 club joining fee validation for 3 months and you can date 10 to 15 girls with different age group i said ok and i enquire about payment procedure they told via paytm or funds transfer.

For one, the reality is that amongst people in my approximate age group, there are just fewer single people generally as I attend more and more weddings every year.

But the real thing I've noticed is that while there's a dip in my overall inbox, there doesn't really appear to be a significant decrease in the amount of messages I get (Anecdotally, of course.

The fact that it’s so easy to replace anyone has made it redundant to fight for a relationship.