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Now I know that if I'm excited for a There have been some pitfalls to my mass-meeting agenda, however — mainly that I've gone on some pretty heinous first dates with men I might not have agreed to go out with had I not been so obsessed with the prospect of falling in love.

But, since I strive to remain optimistic, I try to learn something from every horrible experience I've had. Ahead, read the worst, wildest, craziest first dates I've ever been on — and what I took away from each experience. Not every meeting is going to lead to your prince charming.

If you absolutely feel you must help out, then do make sure you thoroughly check out that all you believe about the person and situation is true. Then check out what their hopes are:fun or commitment. The conversation flows, the interest and core beliefs are the same…

It is important to read the profile and not just look at the picture. the one that you can't stop from running around your head, days after the first date. So why jump into bed with someone when none of the above exists?

There has been numerous articles written that have made it clear that both men and women are thinking nothing of having sex on a first date knowing very little if anything about their date. Because of the nature of meeting and the speed of information gathering, it is possible to feel that you have become closer to someone than you actually are. Do not be made to feel freaky, or accept that you are an odd man/woman if you don't want to sleep with them on a first date, no matter how stunning she/he is. However sad or extreme the situation seams, do not be tempted to hand over cash…even as a loan.