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I was holding a plastic tray full of miniature bottles of alcohol—including SKYY Vodka, Beefeater Gin and Johnnie Walker—as part of my Halloween costume. My bowl of peanuts was still full, but all the bottles were nearly empty.

I watched as my then-boyfriend chugged the last one.

My mother didn’t drink much—but her boyfriends did.

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Online dating coffee or drinks to make with vodka

Was the drink named after the movie or the movie named after the drink? And as far as home bartending goes, it’s easy to mess up the execution.

Or are both derivative of an entirely separate namesake? As legend has it, the Ritz Hotel in Paris invented this seductive cocktail during American Prohibition, to sate all the alcoholic expats (i.e., artists). But if you’re in the mood for a high-risk, high-reward game—which you no doubt are, seeing as she’s over after the first date—you could do far worse than playing with absinthe.

But it Halloween, my favorite holiday, and who wants to break up on Halloween?

After the party, a group of us walked back to his house.

We were on Sunset Boulevard amidst a crowd of jovial Alice in Wonderlands and men dressed as The Golden Girls. She “stopped by” a lot, particularly when I was not around. He flipped my plastic tray and sent the bottles flying. The next morning, I said good-bye to him for good and made a vow to myself: no more alcoholics, and certainly no more enabling such guys by carrying around a tray of their vice. A few months earlier, when we had started dating, I ignored the hints that he was an alcoholic.