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(Please bring the number card exchange certificate with you at the the office.) - Number cards (number bibs) cannot be reissued.

Wednesday 2 November, Friday 4 November between to at 2nd floor Sugar hall meeting room at Nanjyo city community centre Thursday 3 November to at Sugar Hall Nanjyo city meeting room on the second floor.

Saturday 5 November to at Car Parking space at Sugar Hall Nanjyo city community center.

-Please make sure that you should be excluded, without filling the sheet out completely. -Be given T-shirt with L size if you don’t give us the size online, whatever your size is.

(Still be recorded.) -If people who are impaired vision and have a problem with running alone, they can have their runner-partners who are for free. - We accept substitutes to receive number cards, but please bring the participant's number card ticket - Please note that we are unable to send your T-shirt by post later if you have not received it from the athletes reception desk - Please bring your number card tickets to the event office to get T-shirts by 30 November.

And if Ayro was not quite Osama bin Laden's henchman in the Horn of Africa, as the Pentagon has predictably claimed, he was certainly a militant Islamist commander of some standing who has been suspected of numerous acts of violence in the region, including the murders of Kate Peyton, the BBC correspondent in the region, and four Western aid workers.