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Also, since you are not being obvious about your interest, he/she will immediately become more curious about you because they may not be able to tell whether you have other interests or not.

But when Harrison — who lives in the East Village when he's not shooting in Toronto — first got the part, he actually had to do research on gay nightlife: He went to Splash in Chelsea, "because I really hadn't been to a lot of gay clubs.

Like I don't have the body thing, and I'm not into the body thing."I told my close friends and my parents when I was 16," he says.

Randy Harrison was born in New Hampshire, but his family moved to Atlanta when he was 11.(His dad is the CEO of a paper company; his mom's "a thwarted artist and a genius"; his older brother is a bank manager.) The acting thing happened in preschool: "My parents couldn't find a baby-sitter, so they brought me to a production of Peter Pan when I was 5.

I knew I wanted to be onstage after that." His gay-style rsum has always been paltry.

Here’s what the talented cast has been up to since the historic show went off the air more than a decade ago.