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She decided to let Amy sleep while she took a shower.

Even though Amy was only twelve and probably wouldn't know any better, Kristin didn't want to risk having her smell the sex on her.

"Can't have this when Brent gets home." While she wanted to take a long shower, time was of the essence.

This load is mine, young man." She sucked his balls while she stroked his cock. Kristin tasted his semen, and tried to keep all of it in her mouth, but had to swallow. She was commando, just like Jeremy asked her to be. " Resisting the temptation to reach down and touch Kristin, Jeremy said, "Guess it is getting hot around here." Jeremy was pleased that Kristin did exactly as he'd requested. " Kristin felt uneasy about pursuing the young man so openly. "I'm driving, but I'm not going to have long." "You know the new subdivision they're building on the right off Maple? " Kristin replied, having driven past the development many times as it was less than a half mile from home. Go into the subdivision, take the second left, and look for my truck." The line went dead. As she got out, she saw Jeremy standing in the garage of a new home that looked to be almost completed.

She jacked his cock, trying to get all of his seed. She flashed her teenage paramour her neatly shaved pussy, showing off her landing patch to him. Taking a quick look at the kids and Brent, Jeremy popped a little surprise for Kristin. Jeremy was wearing an oversized t-shirt untucked, and had arranged his large penis to run down the inside of his left pants leg. She regretted sending the text right after she hit 'send', wishing that she'd waited him out some and made him chase her. But the truth was that she was infatuated with Jeremy's huge cock. "My stepdad does the plumbing in these places," Jeremy told Kristin.

It was a nice day out, and Kristin had her husband set up a small inflatable pool in the front yard for the kids to play in while he washed the car. " "Hey Jeremy, I think I'll let you do that," Kristin's husband replied, totally unaware of what was going on between his wife and the boy from down the street. She removed her sunglasses and said, "Yes, it is a good thing, Jeremy," while eyeballing his cockhead. Just after PM that night, Kristin felt her phone vibrate. He took Kristin's hand and led her to the back of the home.

Kristin was sitting in a rocking chair on her front porch in the shade, wearing a short tan skirt and a sleeveless light blue cotton blouse. "Hey, just wanted to say hi- talk to you later folks! She had silenced the phone so it wouldn't chime at an inopportune time. The master bedroom looked large, especially with no furniture in it.

In part one, Kristin visited a group of teenagers and ended up being used in all her holes. None of the participants in this story are under the age of 18.