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2017, 3D, Action, RPG, Anal, sex, Oral sex, Group sex, 6DSM, All Sex System requirements (minimum) : OS: the Windows 7, 8.10 x64 (with 32 bit systems is incompatible, there is not enough ozu) CPU: Intel Core i5-4430S / AMD FX6300 (test on amd, with work coped to 5, you need a processor not nearly worse) RAM: 8 Gb (6 Gb if your system is optimized, cleaned from debris, and all unneeded on time of the game (antivirus, torrents, etc.)) VRAM: 2GB or 1 GB if you disable some graphics HDD modes : ~ 79 GB Installation: The process of installing the game is detailed in 3 docx files, read carefully and follow the instructions.

Tuning mods is presented in the form of screenshots.

The game is idle, ini-files can not find 80% of paths, etc.

Solution: "Control panel O - random change of posture in sex, H - choice of posture, K - align actors, space - the next stage of sex. For the flight, use the space bar, alto and control buttons.

5) This assembly was created specifically for this tracker, 2 such you will not find anywhere.