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Treatment has helped him bring his viral load — the amount of HIV in his blood — to an undetectable level, which prevents transmission."The biggest thing I've noticed is a sense of serenity,” Wilson, 64, told NBC News on World AIDS Day.

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So, I sheepishly got up from the bed to hear her story. 'I am invited for the Hospice Inauguration, would you like to join in? I was around 17 years old that time, But I never knew what an hospice was. After a few weeks, My grandma visited the hospice and told me about the kids there and also the other inmates. I thought about the people there, the chapel she told me of and the children with AIDS. Before joining the university, I decided to volunteer in the hospice. My grandma spoke to her friend so that I could volunteer there for about two months before my university. The day I reached the hospice, I felt very depressed. I used to air dry the clothes in the terrace above the chapel and usually Sathish followed me there. They worked in the hospice if they could else they rested.

Never been there that much and the last time was for my uncle's funeral so, I plainly refused. I taught them some songs and to pray before they sleep each night. There was another lady who was permanently taking care of the children. No one told me that they did not want to die or that they wanted to get well.

But his statement was denounced by activists for its failure to address the LGBT community, which is disproportionately affected by the crisis, and seen by some as further proof of his administration's indifference.

President Barack Obama mentioned the LGBT community in his proclamations, as did Clinton. Bush's statements on World AIDS Day did not, though Bush created the U. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, in 2003 to address the global HIV/AIDS crisis."The White House’s utter failure to take HIV/AIDS seriously is potentially disastrous," Schoettes said in a statement.

"The HIV crisis and epidemic has not disappeared, it just disappeared from public view."The State Department issued a recent report reaffirming the country's commitment to foreign aid for HIV/AIDS, but there's no sign yet of a domestic strategy, advocates said.