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He was an adept programmer and became fascinated with hacking in his teens. Under the "I spend a lot of time thinking about" section on the dating site, Harrison makes it clear he's not much for quiet nights at home. Birth and death of the universe (physics background) Ontology.

He's told reporters that in 1997, he developed a cryptographic system that human-rights workers could use. Instead he prefers: Changing the world through passion, inspiration and trickery. Chopping up human brains (neuroscience background) But faint-hearted ladies need not apply, he writes.

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Under the section "The first things people usually notice about me," the profile says: "Nordic appearance. Often carrying mystery brown paper packages tied up with strings; these are a few of my first things." There are five photos resembling Assange.

The main one is a close-up of a smiling face, captioned: "The author, facing the rising sun after an all puzzle contest." "The thing that amazed me is how much time he took with the profile, how active he was," Yagan said.

And if someone faked this in 2006, that person has done an amazing job predicting the future." The profile hasn't been updated since that month. Four years later, Assange is everywhere: in magazines, on TV, defending Wiki Leaks' right to publish hundreds of thousands of secret U. documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the start of what he says are 250,000 classified U. But if the dating profile unearthed Saturday by this obscure blog is real, it may be the first time Assange couldn't attempt to spin what's written about him.

He was in jail in Great Britain in relation to a sex-crime investigation in Sweden. The OKCupid profile is posted under the username Harry Harrison, the pen name of an American author of science-fiction books whose protagonist, "Slippery Jim," is a globetrotting con man.

, we can live vicariously through their relationships.