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In 1965 Kubrick was living in a house on Barnet Lane, south of the Elstree/Borehamwood studios. VIEW 3 REPLIES RETURN TO TOPTHREAD 171 NAME: Vic Coughtrey DATE: 14 January 2017 CONNECTION WITH QE: Pupil 1954-1959It's about time we had another of of our little challenges, some of which have turned out to be the kick-off of some very popular threads (especially Thread 32).

IIRC the QE Frewin was famously a member of CND (Rex Wingfield joked he wanted to make the Committee of 100 the Committee of 101). This one is suitable for those who were at the school in the Someone (who will remain anonymous until a few people have taken up the challenge) has found a small cache of QE documents, and intends to send them to me bit by bit.

I've reproduced it rather than put a link to the FB account, as it takes a bit of finding there. OK, so none of you were at the school in 1919, but some of your fathers or grandfathers were.

Headmaster Lattimer and Miss Sims are both included.

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A wake was held in a hotel near Hadley Wood and this was also well attended.