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The diaries are updated several times a week and contain whatever the girls feel like writing about.They talk about their lives, their photo shoots, their fantasies, and whatever else is on their mind.

Camp Cutie is a group of free-thinking, free-living sex kitten exhibitionists who enjoy stripping and showing off for the camera.

They formed an exclusive club for cute girls that want to pose nude on the web, and they hold parties, camp outs, and have lots of dirty fun together.

Supposedly, Camp Cutie is a real place and a state of mind.

Its a campground owned by Kyle Maddox, hidden in the woods in the deep south, where the girls get together a couple times a month to paint each others toenails, pose for pictures, shoot videos, eat marshmallows, and fuck each others brains out.

Youll see sets featuring cowgirls, naughty party clothes, motorcycles, bikinis by the pool, tennis, nude lake shots, farmers daughter pics, girls in the woods, playing with whipped cream, doing laundry, posing with a teddy bear, smoking in the office, skinny dippin, bathing, showering, playing soccer, eating a Popsicle, dressed as a punk angel, shaving, and much more.