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Immanuel Kant The recent engagement of Britain’s Prince Harry to a mixed-race actress of Black and Jewish origins has delivered something of a propaganda coup to the promoters of miscegenation.

It’s been hailed as a “great day for interracial relationships and mixed race girls everywhere.” It’s been claimed that it will “change Britain’s relationship with race forever.” The has even suggested it will “save the monarchy.” While hyperbole saturates each one of these statements, they all betray the truism that, in a ‘celebrity culture,’ such events can spark ill-informed attempts at imitation among the dedicated and dim-witted followers of fashion.

that cross-bred offspring have greater genetic fitness than pure-bred offspring), also seem to be flatly contradicted by evidence showing that, while mixed-race adolescents perform better than their purely Black counterparts, they have a lower birth weight, lower intelligence, and greater disposition to promiscuity than their White counterparts.

It would thus be extremely maladaptive for a White woman desiring healthy offspring of optimal intelligence to reproduce with someone of African origin.

It included a three-part documentary titled Mixed Britannia, praising the ‘tolerant values’ of the British and presenting an image of miscegenation stripped of its statistical realities.

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