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We can't edit your posts (we don't do that on Whirlpool), but we will hide them (they can be unhidden once the content that broke a rule is removed). The long standing contributors to this thread like a challenge (within reason) and consider your questions to be a challenge, so the more information the merrier. You can also reward them with a Smiley Vote if you wish. Please stick around and "Pay it Forward" and help others to ease their frustrations as well. Please help, I remember this movie I watched on Sky [analogue] in the 1990's some time ago. No big stars I don't think [could be wrong though]I remember a few things but not much plot, here's what I remember: The protagonist is a young girl in her late teens/early 20's I think.Whilst some scenes which are shocking might be the easiest to remember and describe, that doesn't mean they'll be OK to describe. Some helpful internal links: DON'T tell us how old you were when you saw it. DON'T tell us you were with your grandmother when you saw it. DO tell us (roughly) what year you think the film was released. She's pretty bored because she lives with her mother. They live in this hotel with one or two staff, it's quite isolated.I'm looking for 2 movies: first– The scene I remember shows a Civil War officer, possibly in the fog, shooting or stabbing wounded soldiers after a battle, while humming, whistling, or singing – I think the song was rock of ages.

Three – at the end the survivors were walking down the road towards their own lines or back to base. I watched this movie in Japan (in English with Japanese subtitles) with a Japanese friend. I hope some one can give me a clue what the name is of this movie.

I was the only one in the movie theater that laughed at this scene (I was asked later on why I laughed at that particular scene after the movie was over). I've copied it from the other thread: Another movie that i've been looking voor a very long time is a fairytale which i think is from the 70s/80s which i saw when i was very young.

A few tensions arise and I think the girl is tired of living with her mother Then I seem to remember the girl moving out and going to the city or something in this apartment block That's where my memory of the plot fades out.

Please help, I'd like to hunt it down, but completely forgot the name of it.

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