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For more detailed information about patient online services, download the Patient Online FAQ leaflet (PDF, 176kb).Alternatively, look up your local GP on this site and find out what online services the practice provides.If you have permanently left the UK, your GP health records will be sent to your NHS England Local Area Team and your hospital records will either be stored at the hospital you attended or sent to a local archive.

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For example, if you can't access your GP records online and wish to see a paper version, write to your GP or the practice manager.

If you want to see your hospital records, write to the hospital’s patient’s services manager or medical records officer.

You can make an informal request during a consultation, or by phoning the surgery or hospital to arrange a time to see your records.

Some GPs have given online access to their patients' GP records for some time.

The ambition is that by 2018 every citizen will be able to access their full health records at the click of a button, detailing every visit to the GP and hospital, every prescription, test results, and adverse reactions and allergies.